Quicken Not Downloading Transactions

If you are a Quicken user and your financial things depend on this software then you need to make sure that it is working fine. Recently some people have reported that their quicken has stopped downloading transactions. This can happen due to many reasons, some of which we’ve mentioned below.

Why did Quicken stop downloading transactions?

If your quicken is not downloading transactions, then you might be facing this problem due to one of the reasons mentioned below.

  • Internet issue: No, doubt about this if your internet connection is not stable or there is any problem with the internet, it can prevent quicken from downloading transactions.
  • Bank server issue: During bank server maintenance quicken won’t be able to download the transactions.
  • Due to credential change: Usage of the wrong credential can cause this problem.
  • Bank issue: If the bank is pending your transaction for some reason, then you need to wait until the bank passes your transaction.
  • Transaction does not exist: If the transactions don’t exist then you won’t be able to download the transaction on quicken.

Refresh your quicken account

In some cases, you can face issues while downloading transactions due to quicken temporary glitches. Some users have pointed out that after refreshing the quicken account the issue is resolved.

  1. Open quicken and go to the account bar.
  2. Now click on where the account facing the problem.
  3. Open settings and click on update now or press CTRL+ALT+U.
  4. Enter your login credential and click on update now.

Once the refresh is done check if you’re able to download the transaction on quicken or not.1

Repair Quicken file

Sometimes the quicken files are corrupted, damaged, or missing. In such cases, you can face issues while downloading your transaction. You can repair the quicken file by following the steps below

  1. Open your Quicken and go to the File menu.
  2. Select file operations and clicked on validate and Repair.
  3. Check mark validate box and select ok.
  4. Quicken will start to validate and repair the damaged file.

Once the validation and repair are done you’ll be able to download your quicken transactions.

Deactivate and Reactive Account

You can fix quicken unable to download transactions by deactivating and reactivating your account. Follow the steps below to deactivate your account.

How to deactivate quicken account

  1. Open quicken and go to tools and select Account List.
  2. A select account that creates the issue and then clicks on edit.
  3. Click on the online service tab.
  4. Click on deactivate and then yes to confirm it.
  5. Choose OK and then Done.

Reactivate the Account 

  1. Go to Tools and then Account list.
  2. Click on the edit account you deactivated.
  3. Head to the online service tab and click on the set up now button.
  4. Next, enter bank account credentials and continue.
  5. Select the link to your existing Quicken Account by the drop-down menu.
  6. Last click on Next.

Create a new quicken file

Sometimes old quicken file gets corrupted and if you are downloading a new bank transaction file it can get corrupted too. In this case, we are going to create a new quicken file for resolving this issue.

  1. Open quicken goes to File and selects New Quicken File.
  2. Click on Ok and save the file with an appropriate name.
  3. If prompted Enter your login ID and password.
  4. Click on sign in and enter the six-digit code that you received.
  5. After entering the code click on next.
  6. Quicken will ask you to sync the mobile if you want then select use mobile.
  7. Now click on Add Account Select Account type and select your bank account.
  8. Enter Login username and password to connect.
Check Quicken updates

Sometimes you can face this issue due to outdated quicken. If the quicken is outdated then you won’t be able to download quicken transactions on your desktop. So to fix this issue make sure your quicken is up to date.

  1. Open Quicken and go to Help.
  2. Click on check for updates.
  3. If an update is available click on yes to install it.

If you are facing an issue while updating, then use quicken one-step update for updating your quicken.

  1. Choose tools one-step update.
  2. Click on update now.

After updating your quicken, restart your desktop or laptop. Now check if you’re able to download the quicken transaction.

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