Solved: Quicken Is Unable To Establish An Internet Connection OL-297-A

Considered by millions to be the best personal money management software out there, Quicken is extremely easy to use and practical. However, users can encounter a few hiccups in between enjoying the great functionality of the software. Quicken is by no means immune to certain errors. Are you seeing the following message: ‘Quicken Is Unable To Establish An Internet Connection OL-297-A’? Read further for details on what causes the OL-297-A internet connection and how to resolve it.

What Causes ‘Quicken Is Unable To Establish An Internet Connection OL-297-A’ Error?

The OL-297 error is associated with issues arising when updating the Bank Account using the Quicken online services. OL-297-A error shows up when Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection. This need not be confused with your computer losing internet connection, but simply Quicken failing to connect with the internet.

Following are the possible reasons behind Quicken being unsuccessful in establishing an internet connection:

  • The Quicken version you are using is unsupported
  • There is a temporary server outage with the bank
  • The security system of the bank has been updated hindering Quicken’s internet connectivity
  • You internet settings have been changed

How To Fix ‘Quicken Is Unable To Establish An Internet Connection OL-297-A’ Error?

From disabling any VPNs you are running to configuring your firewall settings, below is a list of troubleshooting methods you can use to get rid of the ‘Quicken Unable To Establish An Internet Connection’ OL-297-A Error.

Turn Off Your VPN (If Enabled)

This is something that has resolved the OL-297-A Internet Connection error for multiple Quicken users. If you are facing the OL-297-A error, it is recommended that you turn off any VPN you might be using. It is a simple fix for a very common Quicken error. If turning off your VPN isn’t resolving the error, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Enable TLS 1.2 In Control Panel

The second most successful fix for OL-297-A Internet Connection error is updating your system’s Internet Security Settings. This can be done by following the simple steps provided-below:

  1. Open the Run Command by pressing the Windows and R keys.
  2. In the Run window, type ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘OK’.
  3. Click on ‘Network and Internet’.
  4. Next, select ‘Internet Options’.
  5. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  6. Under ‘Settings’, scroll down the ‘Security’ section.
  7. Tick the ‘Use TLS 1.2’ checkbox.
  8. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.
  9. Now select the ‘Content’ tab.
  10. Under ‘Certificates’, click on ‘Clear SSL state’.
  11. Apply the change once again and close the Internet Properties window.

Once you have gone through the above-stated process, restart Quicken and check if the software is still unable to establish an internet connection (OL-297-A).

Check Firewall Settings

It is recommended that you check if Quicken has access to the internet if facing the OL-297-A Internet Connection error. The system’s Firewall may be blocking Quicken from establishing an internet connection. You can follow the steps given below to ensure that an internet connection is established:

  1. Launch the Quicken Application.
  2. Click on ‘Help’.
  3. Select the ‘Quicken Support’ option.
  4. If you aren’t seeing the website, the application is being blocked by the Firewall from getting access to the internet.

If the Firewall is indeed blocking the Quicken application, you can resolve this by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Windows Security.
  2. From the left panel on the screen, select the ‘Firewall & network protection’ option.
  3. Now click on ‘Allow an app through Firewall’.
  4. Select ‘Change Settings’.
  5. Tick the checkbox next to the Quicken app.
  6. Click on ‘OK’ to finish the process.

You can now restart Quicken and you should no longer see the ‘Quicken Unable To Establish An Internet Connection’ OL-297-A Error.

Check If Your System’s Date & Time Settings Are Correct

Quicken’s Internet Connection related errors such as ‘OL-297-A’ can also arise due to an incorrect Date & Time on your computer. If the Date & Time are indeed incorrect on your system, go through the following steps to correct them:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ from the Start Menu.
  2. Select ‘Time & Language’.
  3. Click on ‘Change’.
  4. Enter the correct Date & Time manually.
  5. Apply the changes.

Run Quicken again and check if the OL-297-A error is fixed or not. If the error persists, read further.

Speak To Your Bank/Financial Institution

In certain cases, your Bank/Financial institution can be making changes or there can be a temporary outage with their servers. If none of the above provided solutions have worked out for you, it is best that you get in touch with a live representative of the bank and get assistance with resolving the issue as the bank itself may be at fault for the OL-297-A Internet Connection error.

If nothing works, the last resort is to contact the Quicken help team via phone call.

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