Quickbooks Says Admin Is Already Logged In: Solved

Quickbooks is renowned for its user-friendly functionality in the world of Business Accounting. Despite the software offering great reliability, it doesn’t come without its fair share of issues and errors. Are you trying to log in to your Company File but Quickbooks says admin is already logged in? This is a common error that can be fixed easily with the help of a few troubleshooting methods. Read further to know how to get rid of the Quickbooks ‘admin is already logged in’ error message. 

Why Does Quickbooks Say Admin Is Already Logged In? 

If another user is already logged in to the Company File, Quickbooks can give you the option to ‘Switch to Single User’ to log out the other user. However, if the admin itself is already logged in, the process to log out the admin user is not that simple. You can get the Quickbooks ‘admin already logged in’ message due to the admin account being active on the Quickbooks server. 

It must also be noted that Quickbooks can also say ‘admin is already logged in’ due to network issues. We suggest you make sure that the network connection is functioning without any glitches before moving on to the below-provided troubleshooting methods.

What To Do When Quickbooks Says Admin Is Already Logged In?

If your Quickbooks says ‘admin is already logged in, you must first and foremost log out users on all your workstations and ultimately end all Quickbooks processes on the computer hosting the Quickbooks Company file. This method is discussed in detail below:

Restart Quickbooks Processes On The Hosting Server

To logout the admin on another system and get rid of the ‘admin already logged in’ error, follow these steps:

  1. Log-In as the administrator on the computer hosting the Quickbooks Company File.
  2. Launch Control Panel.
  3. Choose the ‘Administrative Tools’ option.
  4. Click on ‘Services’.
  5. Double-Click on the Quickbooks Database Server (QuickBooksDBXX).
  6. In the QuickBooksDBXX Properties window, click on the ‘Stop’ button. This shall shut down the service. Make sure that no user is running Quickbooks before this step is implemented.
  7. You should see a Service Control window. Allow the process to be completed. 
  8. Once the Service Control window closes, wait for roughly 15 seconds and click on the Start button.
  9. When this process is completed, the Service Status will be shown as ‘Started’.
  10. Finally, simply click on the ‘OK’ button and close the Control Panel.

If this process is followed correctly, the connection between the Quickbooks Database Server and the admin account shall be broken. If Quickbooks still says admin is already logged in, move on to the next method to resolve the error. 

Restore a Backup of the Quickbooks Company File

If Quickbooks previously didn’t give you the ‘admin already logged in’ error message, you can also try restoring a backup of the Quickbooks Company File to fix the issue. Here is what you need to do to restore a backup:

Note: If your backup Quickbooks Company File is located on a USB or any other external device, make sure to transfer it to the local hard drive before following the below-listed steps.

  1. Open Quickbooks and go to the ‘File’ menu.
  2. Click on Open or Restore Company.
  3. Choose the ‘Restore a Backup Copy’ option and click on ‘Next’.
  4. Select ‘Local Backup’ and then ‘Next’.
  5. You will now be required to browse the backup Company File (CompanyName.qbb).
  6. Choose a location to save the restored Company File.
  7. Select ‘Open’.
  8. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button.

If Quickbooks prompts to overwrite data, choose the option that suits your requirements. Following this process has resolved the ‘Quickbooks says admin already logged in’ issue for multiple users.

Other Ways To Fix Quickbooks ‘Admin Already Logged In’ Error

If the above-stated troubleshooting methods fail to solve your problem, you can also try the following:

  • Use Quickbooks Tool Hub
  • Restart workstations and computer hosting the Company File
  • Close Quickbooks Desktop processes using Task Manager
  • Users are also recommended to try updating Quickbooks and Windows

If none of these methods have stopped Quickbooks from giving the ‘admin already logged in’ message, your best bet is to get in touch with Quickbooks’ experts and receive professional guidance in resolving the error.

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