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Solved: Quickbooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error

Are you trying to transfer your Quickbooks Desktop data to another computer? If you are getting the ‘Quickbooks migration failed unexpectedly’ error, it can be due to problems with the migration tool or the Windows version installed on your device. There are various ways you can resolve this issue. Read further to know how to solve the Quickbooks migration failure error.

Reasons behind ‘Quickbooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly’ error

Quickbooks migration error is not only Data Folder related but can also occur when migrating the Quickbooks Company File. Below are some of the possible reasons behind the ‘Quickbooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly’ error.

  • Your Windows Operating System is outdated and no longer supports Quickbooks
  • The computer you are migrating Quickbooks data to doesn’t meet Quickbooks system requirements
  • Issues with Windows configuration. 

Way to fix the ‘Quickbooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly’ error

You can correct the QuickBooks migration error through the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Manually Migrate Quickbooks Data
  • Transfer Quickbooks Files To Another Computer
  • Migrate the QuickBooks Data Folder itself
  • Fix Quickbooks Migration Error with Intuit Data Protect
  • Update your Windows

These methods are discussed in detail below.

Manually Migrate Quickbooks Data

If you are facing any trouble migrating your QuickBooks data, the first thing to do is try migrating all the files manually. To migrate QuickBooks data manually, you can follow the below-listed steps: 

  1. First, copy the QuickBooks Backup file on your new computer. 
  2. Open the folder to locate the Backup file.
  3. From here, open the Restored_CompanyName_Files folder. 
  4. Right-click on the folder and select the copy option.
  5. Finally, paste the file into the desired location. 

Requisite files are as follows: 

  1. Financial statement designer
  2. QuickBooks letters
  3. QuickBooks templates
  4. Cash flow projector
  5. Printer setting

If this doesn’t resolve the Quickbooks migration error, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Transfer Quickbooks Files To Another Computer

If you are getting the Quickbooks migration error when trying to migrate the Company File to another computer, you can follow the instructions provided below:

  1. First, make sure Quickbooks desktop is installed on your new computer.
  2. On your previous computer, create QuickBooks Backup Files.
  3. Copy the Backup Files on your new computer. 
  4. Now open QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. You will now be required to restore the Backup Files.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration process. 
  7. Finally, download the latest tax table available on your new device.

Note: Transferring the Quickbooks Company Files shall not affect your product license. 

Migrate the QuickBooks Data Folder itself

Multiple users who were getting the ‘Quickbooks migration failed unexpectedly’ error have reported that transferring the Data Folder itself has helped them resolve the issue. Follow the process given below to move the QuickBooks Data Folder. 

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Locate your Company File.
  3. Open the Product Information tab by pressing F2 on your keyboard.
  4. Go to the File Information section and find the location of your Company File. 
  5. Open File Explorer and go to the Company File folder. 
  6. Right-click on the folder to copy it. 
  7. Finally, paste it into the desired location.

This is the simplest method to transfer the Data Folder. However, there are various other ways to move the QuickBooks Data folder that can be found on the Intuit website. 

Fix Quickbooks Migration Error with Intuit Data Protect

The Intuit Data Protect is a backup service offered to QuickBooks users. It gives you the option to either backup all the files on your computer, backup Quickbooks files only, or backup non-Quickbooks files. You can use the Intuit Data Protect to successfully solve the migration error. Simply follow the below-listed steps: 

  1. Create a backup of your QuickBooks Company Files. 
  2. On your new computer, log in to the Intuit Data Protect. 
  3. Click on the File tab.
  4. Hover your mouse cursor over the Back Up Company option. 
  5. Choose the Create Local Backup option.
  6. Now choose Set-Up or Activate Online Backup 
  7. Select Quickbooks Company File and click on the Continue button.
  8. Check the box next to Back Up Local Selected Documents.
  9. Finally, click on Continue and your Backup shall be created.

The following Data Folders should be included in the Backup:

  1. Transaction log files
  2. Loan manager files
  3. Business planner files
  4. Logon & image files
  5. Cash Flow projector files
  6. Network data files 

Update your Windows

There are times when the Quickbooks Migrations tool might not work correctly due to it being run on an outdated version of windows. It is recommended that you install the latest updates on your Windows Operating System and try running the migration tool or Intuit Data Protect again to migrate your files. 

Simply visit your System Settings window, choose the Update & Security option, and click on Check for updates. If there are any Windows updates available, proceed to install them on the system. 

If this doesn’t fix the ‘Quickbooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly’ error, you are also advised to check if the system you are running Quickbooks on, meets the software’s system requirements or not. Ultimately, if the problem still persists, you must seek help from the Quickbooks assistance team.

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