Fix qbmapi64 out of memory error

Like every other program quickbooks also require memory to function properly. Recently lots of users have reported that while using quickbooks they are getting quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory. We decide to investigate the issue, during our research we found how to fix quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory and what causes this error.

What causes qbmapi64 out of memory error?

Below we’ve mentioned some reasons why quickbooks is showing error qbmapi64 out of memory error.

  1. You can this error if your pc have low memory or low ram.
  2. Quickbooks is facing issue while accessing RAM.
  3. Your quickbooks is outdated.
  4. There is a pending windows update.

After knowing the reasons, we can follow the steps below for troubleshooting quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory error.

How to Fix qbmapi64 out of memory?

If your quickbooks showing qbmapi64 out of memory then you can proceed the troubleshooting steps below.

Check RAM Usage

First of all if you are sure that you pc have low memory then you should check the memory usage. If there is a unnecessary apps running, then you can close that program to free up some memory on your pc. To check ram usage you can follow the steps below.

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  2. Now click on task manager option.
  3. Click more details option.
  4. Now locate the unnecessary running apps.
  5. End tasks you are not using.
  6. Right click on the program and click on end task.

Now after the memory is freed check if the quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory error is fixed.

Update Windows

If your pc is not up to date, then you can face issues while using the quickbooks app. You can start getting qbmapi64 out of memory error due to outdated windows. To update the windows you can follow the steps below.

  1. Press windows+ i button to open windows settings.
  2. Click on update & security option.
  3. From the right side click on windows update.
  4. Click on check for updates.
  5. Now download and install the windows update.
  6. Restart your pc.

Now check if the quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory issue is fixed.

Update Quickbooks Manually

Manually updating the quickbooks on your pc can help you in fixing the qbmapi64 out of memory error. To manually update the quickbooks program on your pc you can follow the steps below.

  1. Close the quickbooks program and company file if opened.
  2. Hit the windows key to open start menu.
  3. Search and right click on the quickbooks program.
  4. Now click on run as administrator.
  5. Click on help option.
  6. Now click on update quickbooks option.
  7. Now select option and select mark all option and click on save.
  8. Click on update now and click on reset update box.
  9. Now click on get updates.

After updating the quickbooks restart your pc. Now the quickbooks qbmapi64 out of memory problem will be resolved on your pc. If you’re still getting the error then we’ll suggest you to contact an expert for help.

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