How to Fix Quickbooks Error ol-222

Recently while using quickbooks pro we started getting error ol-222. I was getting this error when I was trying to download the company file. So to fix quickbooks error ol-222 we did some research. During our research we found that the most users were facing this issue while using quickbooks on their mac devices. In this post we’re going to explain what to do when you got “quickbooks was not able to complete your request, error ol-222.

What causes quickbooks error ol-222?

Below we’ve some reasons why quickbooks is showing error code ol-222.

  1. You can contact error ol-222 due to server communication issues between bank and quickbooks.
  2. Unsupported character in the quickbooks file.
  3. The company file is not formatted properly.

How to Fix Quickbooks error ol-222

Backup your company file

First backup your company file so that data is not lost. To backup company file follow the steps below.

  1. Open quickbooks and select file option.
  2. Now make sure you are in single user mode.
  3. Click on back up company.
  4. Now click on create local backup.
  5. Now click on local back and hit next option.
  6. In the local backup section click on browse and select the place where you want to store backup.
  7. Now click on ok, then click on save it now.
  8. Now click on next.

Update Quickbooks

Updating the quickbooks to the latest version can help in fixing error ol-222. To update the quickbooks to the latest version you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the quickbooks program.
  2. Now click on help option.
  3. Now click on update quickbooks desktop option.
  4. Select update now option.
  5. Select get updates to download the update.
  6. Once the update is downloaded, restart quickbooks program.
  7. Now open and accept and install the latest quickbooks on your pc.

After updating the quickbooks, check if you’re able to import the company files or not. If you’re still facing quickbooks error ol-222, then other troubleshooting steps below can help you.

Remove invalid character from .QBO File

During our research we found that an invalid character in .QBO file can also cause the quickbooks error ol-222. To resolve this issue, you can easily remove the invalid character by following the steps below.

  1. Right click the .QBO file and click on the edit option.
  2. Select the text editor to open this file.
  3. Now locate &amp from the file and remove it.
  4. Save your file.

Now after removing the invalid character from the .QBO file check if the quickbooks error ol-222 is fixed or not.

Download fresh financial institution file

To download the fresh FIDIR.txt you can follow the steps below. Also make sure that quickbooks is closed and you are using the updated quickbooks on your pc.

  1. Copy the entire text from the FIDIR.txt
  2. Create new file and paste the copied text here.
  3. Now save the file and name it FIDIR.TXT
  4. Delete the original FIDIR.TXT file
  5. On your keyboard press the option.
  6. Open the finder and select go to folder option.
  7. Enter – /LibraryApplication Support/
  8. Now delete the fidir.txt file.
  9. Now select go and click on applications.
  10. Hite the control button and select quickbooks 20xx.
  11. Click on show package contents option.
  12. Now click on resources folder.
  13. Locate and delete fidir.txt and delete it from the trash.
  14. Now the move the new fidir.txt to resources folder.
  15. Now import .qbo file.

After completing the steps, check if the quickbooks error ol-222 is fixed. If you are still getting quickbooks error ol-222 get in touch with the experts.

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