Fix QuickBooks Error 324

QuickBooks is a known accounting out there in the market. However, sometimes it may drive you to some issues or error codes. We’ve seen that QuickBooks Online users mostly experience issues and errors while connecting with their bank and updating the bank feeds. A QuickBooks Error 324 occurs when QuickBooks can’t locate your account on your bank’s website for several reasons. 

In today’s post, we’ll discuss what causes QuickBooks Error 324 and how to get rid of it. 

What causes QuickBooks Error 324?

  • You may encounter it if your bank or credit card company has shifted your account credential to another server.
  • You may have changed your account’s nickname.
  • Your bank has changed your account information (account number or cc number).
  • Your bank has closed your account.

How do I fix Error 324?

Here we’ve gathered and penned down some of the most effective troubleshooting methods that can help you in fixing Error 324, and you can keep downloading the transactions into QuickBooks. 

Solution 1: Manually Update or Reconnect 

  • From the error message window, click on the Reconnect My Account option.
  • Now, choose the account that you are trying to connect to. 
  • If you can’t find a way to reconnect your account in QuickBooks Online, then click on the Update button to manually update the account information.

Solution 2: Update and Check your Connections in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks Online;

  • Enter your credentials and sign in to QuickBooks Online
  • Now, navigate to the Bookkeeping > Transactions > Bank transaction/Banking.
  • After that, click on Update.
  • If the error persists, check for a banner on the Banking page, click on the Check Connections link, and then follow the steps to fix the error code.

In QuickBooks Self-Employed;

  • Enter credentials to Sign in to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account.
  • Now, click on the Profile > Bank accounts.
  • After that, click on Refresh all.
  • If the error persists, head to the Transactions, check for a banner, click on the Check Connections link, and then follow the steps to fix the error code.

Solution 3: Add your New Account

As stated above, if your bank has changed your account information, you may encounter Error 324. In this case, try to add the new account. 

  • Launch QuickBooks Online and click on the Banking on the left pane.
  • Now, head to the Banking section and click on the Add Account. 
  • Then, select your bank’s name and enter the online banking credentials for login.
  • Click Continue and complete the Security Checks.
  • After that, select Securely Connect, then click on the bank icon/symbol for your bank account.
  • Click on the Account type drop-down list and select Credit Card Account or Bank account.
  • Add a new account by clicking on Add New option and then click on Connect.
  • After that, wait until QBO downloads the last 3 months’ transactions. Once it’s done, navigate to QuickBooks Online and check your transaction.

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Solution 4: Ensure to Check 

As mentioned earlier, you may see the error 324 if you attempt to connect a closed bank or credit card account. Ensure that the account you are trying to connect is still active before connecting.

If you’re still encountering the QuickBooks Error 324, then we are here to assist you. Click on the Chat Box on this page’s right side and explain your issue with us. We’ll surely help you in fixing the error code 324 and also provide you with some tricks that’ll prevent your QuickBooks errors.

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