How To Fix- QuickBooks Bank Error 323

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that helps you track your business expenses. It is used by small businesses and large corporations. However, it also leaves lots of errors on the side. One of such errors relates to your bank account; error 323 indicates that you’ve added the same account twice or when your financial institution is not accepting your sign-in credentials.

If you are getting QuickBooks bank error 323, look at some of the causes and solutions are given in this post.

Reasons behind error 323

Here are the probable reasons behind encountering the error 323. 

  • If you’ve two accounts having the same account and number (or at least the same last four digits).
  • You may have added the same account twice.

How To Fix Error 323?

Disconnect the Account

One of the best ways to get the error 323 fixed, try disconnecting an account. To do so, follow the given steps;

  • Click on Banking on the left pane and select the account you want to disconnect.
  • Now, click on Edit > Edit account info.
  • After that, mark the box beside Disconnect this Account on Save under the Account window.
  • At last, click on Save and then Close.

Remove the repeated account.

If disconnecting an account doesn’t help, and you’re still getting the error code 323, try deleting/removing the repeated account.

  • Click on the Gear icon (Settings) on the top side of the dashboard.
  • Now, click on the Chart of Accounts option from the Your Company page.
  • After that, locate the account you want to delete.
  • Once you locate it, hit the Delete from the Action drop-down list.
  • Lastly, confirm.

Download the required transactions

  • Navigate to the Settings and then select Set up transaction download.
  • To update the bank list, choose My bank is not listed.
  • Once the list is updated, it will prompt the current date. 
  • Now, head to the Show List and then enter your bank name. 
  • After that, enter your login credentials > Continue. Now, a list of accounts with their details will appear on the screen.
  • Lastly, link each account with the proper account you’ve Set up.

Download bank statements

  • Locate and select Chart of Accounts. 
  • Now, select the bank account you’ve enabled for online banking.
  • After that, click on Download Bank Statement.
  • Under Online Banking Centre Window, click on Add from the view.
  • At last, click and select the same icon.

Export and Import chart of accounts 

Try to export and import charts of accounts. To do so, follow the listed steps;

Export Chart of Accounts

  • Navigate to the File and then click on Utilities.
  • Now, select the Export option and click on Lists to IIF files.
  • After that, select the Chart of Accounts and save the File on the Desktop.
  • Finally, create a new file.

Import Chart of Accounts

  • Navigate to the File and then click on Utilities.
  • Now, select the Import option and click on Lists to IIF files.
  • After that, locate and select the Chart of Accounts file you’ve saved on Desktop.

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