quickbooks already has a company file open

QuickBooks Says the File is Already Open

Quickbooks software is well known for its very useful features, which makes accounting smooth and easy to work. The software is built with a set of powerful tools which efficiently helps the businesses.

Why can’t I open my QuickBooks file?

Causes of Quick books already have a file open:

There might be multiple causes of this. Let’s discuss some of those:

  1. The first reason could be that the QuickBooks company file is open.
  2. There might be some issue with the folder that contains the company file.
  3. There is also a possibility that we may have opened multiple quickbooks services, due to which this error is popping up.

Can’t open QuickBooks already has a company file open?

Want to get rid of the “file is already open” error message. Well, we’ve penned down some solutions for you. Check if any of them resolves the issue.

Before moving onto the main steps, here are some steps to fix Quick books already has a company file open:

  1. Open the desired QuickBooks Company file directly from the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Change the name of TLG and ND files that accompany QuickBooks Company files.
  3. Change the location of the QuickBooks Company file to another location.
  4. Ensure that the type of File is ‘QuickBooks Company File,’ and the File size is 7MB.
  5. Rename the QuickBooks Company File.

Disable keep QuickBooks running for quick startups

You may encounter the error message because of the QuickBooks Quick Startup feature.

If the quick startup feature is enabled, your company file will open faster than your QuickBook (QBW32.exe) running in the background.

To disable the QuickBooks Quick Start-Up;

  1. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon, and then click on Run as administrator.
  2. On the Edit menu, click on the Preferences.
  3. Now, click on the General > My Preferences tab.
  4. After that, uncheck the Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups check box, and click OK.

Lastly, close QuickBooks and restart your PC.

Restart your computer

You can try restarting the computer to fix your problem. To do so, follow the steps given below;

  1. Click on the Start menu, and from there, click on the power icon and choose Restart.


  1. Press the Alt+F4 and choose Restart.

Once the computer gets restarted, open Quickbooks again.

Open Task Manager and close Quickbooks process from it

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open task manager or search Task manager from your search bar.
  2. Click on the Details tab.
  3. A list will open up.
  4. Choose the Quickbooks services from the list and press Q from the keyboard. You will be prompted to the Quickbooks.
  5. Click on QBW32.EXE, QBDBMgr.exe
  6. Click on End task.

Close all the open Quickbooks processesHow do I delete previously opened QuickBooks?

You can close the Quickbooks processes one by one separately or all at once.

For closing the processes all at once, follow the below steps.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open task manager or search Task manager from your search bar.
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Click on Quickbooks.
  4. Now click on the end task.
  5. Open Quickbooks.

Uninstall/Reinstall QuickBooks

If the error message is still there, try uninstalling the QuickBooks. Users of QuickBooks reported that they were able to fix the issue after uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBook from their devices.

Ensure that you have a backup of all your files before uninstalling the QuickBooks.

To uninstall;

  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Now, under the Programs and Features tab, select Uninstall a Program.
  • After that, click on QuickBooks, and select Uninstall/Change.
  • Select Repair.
  • Click on Finish.
Sometimes the same error message pops up in Quickbooks point of sale, which connecting with Quickbooks.

You may encounter Quickbooks already having a company file error while syncing your data from Quickbooks Point of Sale to Quickbooks.

Follow the below steps on the Quickbooks desktop.

  • Open Quickbooks desktop
  • Go to File, then Utilities, and click on Switch to Single User mode
  • If it says to Switch to Multi-user Mode
  • Go to Edit
  • Then Preferences
  • On the left pane, there’s an option called Integrated Applications. Click on it.
  • Click on Company Preferences
  • Now click on Quickbooks Desktop Points of Sale
  • Click Remove
  • Now click OK.

After following the steps mentioned above, I hope you will no longer face “Quickbooks already has a company file open error.”

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